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Cranial Adjustment


Who would benefit from Cranial Adjustments?


Anyone who has suffered a trauma to the head should be examined for skull bone misalignments. Especially if the injured person begins to experience what may seem as unrelated health problems after a head injury.

Anyone who has suffered head trauma during their birth process. Instrumentation such as forceps, suction, and vacuum extractors are common causes of misaligned skulls. In fact, many of the patients examined at our clinic have suffered lifelong health problems because they were never aware of their birth trauma.

Anyone who has suffered with any of the health conditions listed below:


  • Asthma

  • Headaches

  • Post Concussion Syndrome

  • Allergies

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Autism    

  • Sports injuries

  • Dyslexia




Cranial Adjustment


The human skull is comprised of 13 bones that are joined together with sutures (see puzzle like structure to the right). Although the sutures cannot be pulled apart, the bones in the skull can be knocked out of their proper alignment, causing indentations or elevations that can be felt on the surface of the head. The onset of your health problems may be the result of an injury to the head. In fact, recent microscopic research has demonstrated that nerves from the skull and spine control the immune system right down to the cellular level.


Dr. Shoemaker has provided care for patients whose problems have originated from a head injury. Unfortunately, most of these patients do not receive adequate care for these injuries and their conditions deteriorate and result in chronic debilitating health problems.


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