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I am 90 years old and I have spinal stenosis.  I had been in very severe pain on my left side, pain going from my spine down my left leg to my ankles.   Nothing helped with this pain and the orthopedic surgeon would not operate because of my age.  So I went to Dr. Shoemaker, my chiropractor and he put me on the spinal decompression table and also on the PEMF machine.  The machine pulls your spine to give you extra space in the spine, after many treatments I am now 90% free of pain.  This was the only thing that relieved the stenosis pain and I only go for a treatment once a month.

In September of 2015 I injured my back.  My diagnosis was 2 herniated disks, 1 of which was fairly severe.  After 3 months and several different doctors and treatments I still had significant pain and could not enjoy life the way I previously could.  I decided to give chiropractic care a try and based on a friend’s recommendation I called Dr. Shoemaker.  This was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Dr. Shoemaker reviewed my MRI and diagnosis and ensured me that we could get it corrected.  It is not May of 2016 and I am pain free.  The best part is that I or we did without any type of surgical procedures or drugs.  I have not taken any pain medication since January and that includes over the counter.  Dr. Shoemaker not only corrected my back injury but he also encouraged me to lead a healthier lifestyle.  He helped me change my eating style which resulted in weight loss and overall wellbeing.  Dr. Shoemaker recommended exercises and supplements that would help me reach my goals.  I have lost over 25 pounds to this point and I am still going.  At 46 years old I look and feel the best I have in several years.

Bill B.

I have been a patient of Dr. George Shoemaker for about 25 years.  During that time he has helped me, my husband and all of my 7 children with more health issues then I can remember.  He is one of the most caring people I have ever known, and is an incredible doctor of chiropractic.  He is constantly learning about and utilizing the latest advances in his field.  I will focus on just one of the problems he has helped me with.  A month ago, I mentioned to him in desperation that my feet were so painful that I was fearful of ending up in a wheel chair.  To my surprise, he told me that he is now using low lever laser and other more traditional methods; I would say that results are miraculous, except that the “miracle” is in the doctor’s caring and expertise.  All day long, I am aware of finally walking again without the constant pain that had accompanied me for so long.  Dr. Shoemaker has my eternal gratitude for giving me back my mobility!

Malia D.

Dr. Shoemaker was gracious when I looked him in the eye and told him I didn’t believe what he did was effective, nor a realistic form of medicine.  He then pointed out painful joint after painful joint on my neck, which he then adjusted to a level of comfortable function. That was thirteen years ago.  Since then he has put me and my family back together after illness, surgery, accidents, and even military boot camp!  He graciously proved me wrong, and then improved my life, and he lives of my family members.  I wouldn’t know how to begin to look for another chiropractor, now that I have found the best.



After trying several chiropractors in the Lehigh Valley I was referred to Dr. Shoemaker by a friend.   From the very first visit (20+ years ago) he has been AMAZING!!  I have visited him periodically through pregnancy and beyond with complaints from sinus pain to digestive issues to ached in m y back and horrible headaches.  In addition to standard adjustments, he takes time to educate me on exercises and provides nutrition advice as well.  Dr. Shoemaker is always attentive and able to provide me with efficient solutions and relief.  He is genuinely interested in my well-being.  His effort is focused on helping me feel better and he provides me with the ability to help me keep me at my best.  He keeps up with what’s new in the industry and is always excited to share new and improved methods that are today’s latest techniques in his field.  Anytime I call the office I am greeted by a friendly staff member that provides me with prompt courteous service.  Dr. Shoemaker is a true master of his craft.  I hope he never leaves the Lehigh Valley.  Thank you for helping us.

Jane S.

I have been seeing Dr. Shoemaker since I was 16 years old (now 42) for my migraine headaches.  He has been the only doctor to give me any kind of relief during rough spells with them.  He listened and laughed with me over the last years as new issues and life’s challenges occur.  I’d send everyone to him if I could.  My appreciation towards him is immense.  

Sue M.

My husband was a patient of Dr. Shoemaker before I was I had been having headaches and both my husband and Dr. Shoemaker tried to persuade me to have an adjustment.  I was scared to death!  Eventually I agreed and have been a patient since 1982.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  My problem areas are neck, shoulders & lower back.  He has helped me tremendously by the adjustment to the affected area and use of various equipment.  The rapports he has with patients helps make you visit comfortable.  I have recommended him to several of my friends who have now become patients and think very highly of him.  When my husband passed away in 1994, he took the time to come and pay his respects to me and my family.  What doctor does this?  I was truly touched by this and will never forget.  Dr. Shoemaker is not only a wonderful doctor but he is and always will be a wonderful friend.

Linda T

I have been using chiropractic for 38 years, utilizing several different chiropractors.  I have always had varying results from my adjustments until I started seeing Dr. Shoemaker 6 years ago.  Since then, every adjustment from Dr. Shoemaker is perfect.  I always get complete relief.  I have gone from thinking I would be suffering lifelong debilitating back pain to actually feeling like I can cure this thing.  Most chiropractors rely strictly on x-rays for your troubled area, but Dr. Shoemaker seems to have Magic Hands.  Most of the time he locates the trouble area with the touch of his hands and makes the proper adjustment.  He is truly a Godsend and I would recommend him to anyone seeking relief through chiropractic care.

Les H.

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