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Nutritional Support & Consulting

Healthy Foods = More Power


Nutrition Education

Early in the nutrition counseling process, we help you build an educational foundation in nutrition science.  This way, as you progress through your weight loss plan, you understand the science and reasoning behind the changes you make to your eating style.  Among other things, we teach you about the major macronutrient categories, how to approach calories and food intake, and how to think through planning and timing your meals.
We work with you to make the learning process ongoing and iterative.  Concepts build upon each other and have practical application.  In working with a nutrition counselor, some of the things you will learn include: the science behind building a balanced meal, how to decipher the terms on a nutrition label, and the biological triggers to food cravings and how to overcome them. We are also a proud partner of Kashi Health which allows us to provide genetic testing to fixing your metabolizium. 
We believe that an educational focus is critically important to your long-term success.  In developing a working knowledge of nutrition, you will be able to make better choices on your own, and will be better able to problem-solve when faced with food-related predicaments.




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